The Different Types of Siamese Cat Breeds 

Known for their distinctive coats and blue eyes, traditional Siamese are the original breed from Thailand. 

Traditional Siamese

Applehead Siamese have a wider, rounder head and sturdier build compared to modern show cats.

Applehead Siamese

The modern show cut Siamese has a thinner, triangular head shape and a lean, flexible body type.

Show Cut Siamese 

Colorpoint Siamese exhibit lighter coat colors on their body compared to traditional seal point Siamese.

Colorpoint Siamese

Tabby Siamese feature the signature M-shaped tabby stripes on their face, legs and tail mixed with point coloring. 

Tabby Siamese

 A dilution gene causes a faded, grayish light brown coloring in lilac point Siamese cats.

Lilac Siamese

The blue gene results in a cool toned, pale gray coat with bluish paws, tail, ears and nose in Blue Siamese.

Blue Siamese

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