The 8 Most Friendly Cat Breeds

Known as "puppy-like" cats, Ragdolls are extremely affectionate, calm and cuddly. They quickly bond with family.


This gentle giant breed enjoys interacting with kind humans and other pets. Maine Coons love to play and snuggle.

Maine Coon

Vocal and engaging, Siamese cats crave companionship and thrive when showered with love and attention from their favorite people. 


Persians adore being petted and held in laps. Though independent, they enjoy quiet quality time with loved ones.


Despite their alien look, Sphynx are incredibly warm, silly cats who think they're human and want to be involved in everything.


Sometimes called "Sacred Cats of Burma," Birmans bond intensely with their families while remaining patient with kids and strangers.


Bombay cats love being around their families, whether it's napping, playing fetch, or following people around the house. 


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