The 8 Best Cat Trees to Climb and Play

This 61” tall cat tree with sisal scratching posts, dangling toys, and perches pampers your cat.

Luxury Cat Tree Condo

Keep costs low with this carpeted cat tree under $50. Multiple beds give kitty views and rest.

Budget Cat Tree

Combining a scratching post and cat tree, this medium-sized design fits smaller spaces.

Cat Tree 

With platforms on different levels, this cat tree lets your active cat climb and perch.

Multi-Level Cat 

This cat condo has enclosed hideaways and scratching surfaces to entertain your kitty.

Cat Condo

Keep cats claws trimmed with sisal scratching posts on this mid-sized cat tree.

Scratching Post

Contemporary yet cozy, this cat tree includes a faux fur lined bed for napping.

Modern Cat Tree

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