The 7 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

One of the largest breeds, Maine Coons can reach 25+ pounds. Their shaggy coat, tufted ears, and gentle personality make them popular pets.

Maine Coon

Affectionate, laidback Ragdolls are one of the heaviest breeds. Large males sometimes reach 30 pounds. 


 A hybrid of domestic and serval cats, Savannahs can weigh 25 pounds with lengthy bodies, long legs, and solid muscle. 

Savannah Cat

Athletic Chausies are a mix of domestic cats and jungle cats. Adults can hit 25 pounds with a robust, ripped build.


Fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats have muscular, solid bodies that allowed them to survive cold winters. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

Also called Siberian Forest Cats, this cold-weather breed has a barrel-chested body and plush triple coat.


Bengal Cats blend the genes of domestic cats and Asian leopard cats. Lean and long-bodied, they range 15-25 pounds.

Bengal Cat

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