The 7 Healthiest Dog Breeds

Mix breed dogs tend to be healthier as they have a wider gene pool. Their diverse ancestry prevents recessive disorders. Mutts have fewer inherited conditions.


Bred for hunting, Beagles are energetic and physically fit. They have a median lifespan of 12-15 years. 


An ancient Japanese breed, Shiba Inus are robust and naturally healthy. They live 12-16 years on average.

Shiba Inus 

As high energy working dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs need plenty of exercise. This keeps them fit. 

Australian Cattle Dogs

Siberian Huskies are resilient, athletic dogs bred to haul sleds over long distances. They typically enjoy good health 

Siberian Huskies

German Shorthaired Pointers have an expected lifespan of 12-14 years. Selective breeding focused on performance, favoring healthy dogs

German Shorthaired

A robust Italian breed, Cane Corsos are less troubled by genetic conditions than many large breeds. 

Cane Corso

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