Testing the Electric BMW i4 M50 on the Racetrack

With 536 hp, the BMW i4 M50 launches from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds thanks to instant electric torque.

Off the Line

We reached 140 mph on straights easily. Electronic limited top speed is 140 mph but stability was great.

High Speed Handling  

Regenerative braking recharges battery while precise brakes provide strong stopping power from high speeds.

Braking Performance

Low center of gravity, adaptive suspension, and AWD traction allows i4 to handle tight turns with composure.

Cornering Capabilities

Sport mode instant throttle response and fake engine sounds enhance driving excitement on the track.

Driver Engagement

We started at 100% charge. After 5 sessions, we were at 15% charge remaining to get home.

Charging Considerations

Electric motors deliver immediate torque for neck-snapping acceleration off turns. It's a rush!

Thrill of Torque

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