Stylish Modern Dog Furniture for Home

Elevated steel or wood platform beds keep dogs off the floor. Models with built-in steps blend modern style and function.

Modern Elevated Beds

Crates disguised as side tables or end tables discreetly tuck away when not in use. Look for sturdy wire models with wood finishes.

Hidden Dog Crates  

Retractable wooden dog gates preserve an open floor plan look. They slide smoothly back into the wall when not needed.

Retractable Dog Gates

Custom dog stairs in materials like wood, steel, or acrylic are designed to match your home. Opt for models with integrated storage.

Custom Dog Stairs

Tufted orthopedic beds with memory foam provide therapeutic comfort in sophisticated fabrics like velvet or leather. 

Luxury Orthopedic Beds

Pet ramps in wood or steel with grip tape blend into modern decor. Look for gentle inclines suitable for elderly or disabled dogs.

Stylish Dog Ramps

Elevated no-tip dog bowl stands in ceramic, acrylic, or powder coated steel prevent spills and match any kitchen. 

Modern Dog Bowls  

Comfortable Dog Beds for Every Type of Dog