Stop Puppy Jumping Up

Why puppies jump up and how it can affect their behavior. Learn to address this common issue.

Puppy Jumping Behavior

Begin training your puppy to prevent jumping from a young age. Consistency is key in forming good habits.

Start Early Training

Use positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise to reward your puppy for not jumping.

Positive Reinforcement

Teach your puppy that jumping doesn't get attention. Turn away and avoid eye contact when they jump.

Ignore Jumping Behavior

Train your puppy to respond to the 'off' command. Use it consistently when they jump to redirect their behavior.

Teach 'Off' Command

Proper socialization helps reduce jumping. Expose your puppy to various people and situations.

Socialization Matters

If jumping remains an issue, consult a professional dog trainer for expert guidance and support.

Consult a Professional

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