Snuggly Big Fluffy Dogs Perfect for Cuddles

Known for their friendly personalities and soft, flowing coats, Golden Retrievers make wonderful snuggly companions. 

Golden Retrievers

With their thick tri-colored fur, Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely fluffy and perfect for cuddling.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Massive in size with heavy coats, Newfoundlands are gentle giants that live to be near their families. 


Majestic Great Pyrenees have abundance fur that's ideal for nuzzling into. They'll happily relax for hours while being petted.

Great Pyrenees

Samoyeds have lush white coats that make them look like fluffy clouds. They enjoy snuggling with their families.


Though independent, Chow Chows have wonderfully fluffy fur and enjoy leaning on their loved ones when relaxing.

Chow Chows

Smart, loyal Bearded Collies have long shaggy fur perfect for petting. They bond closely with their owners.

Bearded Collies

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