Smallest Cat Breeds Perfect for Small Homes

Munchkins have short legs but a long body. They are speedy, outgoing cats perfect for small spaces.


Weighing just 4-8 lbs, the Singapura has big eyes and ears but a tiny body. They love playing and snuggling.


Devons have a pixie look with large ears, eyes, and a curly coat. They thrive in apartments with their owners.  

Devon Rex 

The Cornish Rex has oversized ears on a small, slender frame coated in ripply fur. They are energetic and social.

Cornish Rex

American Curls are moderately sized cats with a playful spirit. Their unique curled ears add to their compact look.

American Curl

Though slender, Orientals are muscular cats. But their petite size makes them ideal for small homes.


Burmese cats are petite but stocky. They love being around people and do well in compact living spaces.


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