Signs You Shouldn't Get a Dog Just Yet 

Dogs require daily care and attention. If you travel often for work or leisure, a dog may not fit your lifestyle.

You Travel Frequently

Puppies have accidents. Dogs make messes. If you like neat, tidy spaces, you'll struggle with the realities of dog ownership.

You Dislike Messes

If you work very long days, it's unfair to dogs left alone that long. Make sure your schedule allows plenty of time for dog care.

You Work Long Hours

Dogs bark, whine, and make noise. If you want quiet, a dog's vocal nature may annoy more than delight you.

You Prefer Quiet Spaces

Don't sneak a pet in if your lease bans them. You may have to move or give up your dog later.

You Live in No Pets Housing

Puppies chew. Some dogs have accidents. If your stuff must stay pristine, a dog could damage your prized items.

You Have Expensive Belongings

Don't get a dog on a whim. Take time to research breeds and seriously consider the commitment involved first.

You're Impulsive

Tips for Safely Rehoming Your Dog