Resource Guarding in Dogs

Growling, lip lifts, snarling, snapping, freezing, staring, hovering around items are potential signs of resource guarding in dogs.

Warning Signs

Food bowls, bones, toys, beds, stolen items, people and spaces are common targets for resource guarding by dogs.

Target Items 

Use reward-based training to teach "drop it" and "leave it" commands. Hand feed meals. Swap items for high-value treats.

Positive Training

Pick up valued items when unsupervised. Feed separately. Give dogs separate sleeping areas. Supervise play with toys. 

Manage Environment

An experienced force-free trainer can help assess your dog's body language, implement a training plan, advise on safety. 

Consult a Trainer

Stop guarding before it starts by handling dogs and their items positively from a young age. Teach give and take games.

Prevention is Key 

Mild cases can be managed. But get professional help immediately if growling, snapping or biting occurs. 

Safety First 

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