Reasons Why The Toyota Crown Is Special

The Crown in 1955 was Toyota's first large family car aimed at wealthy customers, establishing its luxury brand status in Japan.

First Full-Size Car  

With elegant styling inside-out, Crown set trends in Japan for premium aesthetics and features like integrated fender mirrors. 

Styling Innovator

Crown race cars took the checkered flag at key early Japan races like the Japanese Grand Prix, cementing Toyota's performance reputation.

Motorsports Pedigree

Crown pioneered widespread adoption of ABS brakes, airbags and other safety advances in mainstream cars.

Advanced Safety Tech

Crown was the first Toyota with futuristic amenities like power windows, automatic climate control and cruise control.

Technological Showcase

Used extensively by government officials and executives, Crown became a symbol of power, prestige and success in Japan.

Executive Sedan  

Toyota Crowns have been Tokyo's official taxi for generations, logging over 1 billion miles.

Taxi Legend

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