Reasons Dogs Eat Grass

Eating grass can induce vomiting in dogs when they have gastrointestinal upset, helping to eliminate irritants or toxins.

Upset Stomach

Dogs may nibble grass out of boredom or curiosity. It provides distraction and amusement.


Grass contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Dogs may instinctively eat it to supplement their diet.

Nutritional Need

Since wolves forage on grass and plants, domestic dogs retain this innate ancestral habit of grazing on greens.


Some dogs eat grass for attention from their owner or as a displacement behavior when stressed.

Attention Seeking

Certain illnesses like diabetes, worms, and bowel disease can cause dogs to eat non-food items like grass.


Dogs are classified as omnivores and opportunistic eaters, so nibbling grass comes naturally.

Grazing Animal  

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