Reasons Dogs Drag Their Butts on the Floor

Full or impacted anal sacs cause discomfort that makes dogs drag their butts to relieve pressure. Vets can express them.

Anal Sac Issues

Some intestinal worms can migrate and irritate the area around a dog's anus, causing scooting behavior.


Dogs might drag their rear on the floor to relieve anal itchiness caused by food allergies or environmental irritants.


Swelling from trauma or infection around the anus or tail area can cause irritation making dogs scoot their bottom.


Foreign material, tumors or rectal strictures could obstruct a dog's anal area and cause discomfort and dragging.


Overactive anal glands may cause leakage or an urgent need to scoot. Vets can surgically remove them if needed.

Anal Glands

Bacterial or yeast infections around the rear may result in itching or irritation driving butt dragging behaviors.

Skin Issues

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