Ranking the Fastest Koenigsegg Supercars

$3 million hypercar aiming for a 300+ mph top speed. Not in production yet.

Jesko Absolut

Holds production car land speed record at 277.9 mph. 1,360 hp twin-turbo V8.

Agera RS

1,500 hp hybrid with 250+ mph top speed. Advanced transmissionless drivetrain.


Track-focused edition limited to 7 cars. Does 0-250 mph in under 20 seconds.


Special biofuel edition hit 242 mph. 1,018 hp twin-supercharged V8.


First major Koenigsegg release. 806 hp V8 propelled it to 245 mph.


Newest mega-GT with seating for four. 600+ hp and timed 248 mph top speed.


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