Ranking the Fastest Audi Sports Cars

With a top speed of 205 mph, the R8 supercar tops the list for fastest Audi sports car. Its V10 engine pumps out 602 hp.

Audi R8

Hitting 190 mph, the performance RS 7 sportsback sedan shares its engine with the R8 for blistering speed.

RS 7 

The wagon version of the RS 7 matches its top speed at an astonishing 190 mph.

RS 6

The TT RS coupe and roadster can reach 174 mph thanks to their turbocharged 5-cylinder engines.


With a 174 mph top speed, the RS 5 sport coupe keeps up with its TT RS cousin.

RS 5

Small but mighty, the compact RS 3 sedan boasts an impressive 174 mph top speed.

RS 3

Even in luxury sedan form, the S8 impresses with a 190 mph top end.


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