Protecting Pets in Hot Cars

Understand the serious risks of leaving pets in hot cars, including heatstroke and suffocation. Be aware of the dangers.

Hot Car Risks

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Avoid leaving pets in the car, even for short errands. The temperature can rise rapidly, putting them in danger.

Quick Errands

If you must travel with your pet, park in the shade, and use sunshades to keep the car cooler.

Park in the Shade

Provide proper ventilation by cracking windows to allow fresh air to circulate while keeping your pet safe.

Ventilation is Key

Be aware of local weather conditions and how they can affect your pet in the car. Stay informed.

Stay Informed

If you encounter a pet in a hot car, take action by calling for help and trying to locate the owner.

Emergency Actions

Learn the signs of heatstroke in pets, such as excessive panting and distress. Act quickly if you notice these signs.

Signs of Heatstroke

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