Porsche Fights 911 S/T Flippers with New Leasing Plan

Speculators eye flipping the rare 911 Sport Classic, made in limited numbers.

Limited to 1,250 Units 

Porsche leases ban 911 S/T lease transfers and resale for at least 12 months.

Ban on Resale for Profit

Lessees pay excess mileage fees making high miles less profitable for flippers.

Pay Extra for Mileage   

By leasing, 911 S/T costs much less upfront than six-figure purchase price.

Leasing Reduces Upfront Cost

Leased 911 S/T depreciates faster, reducing profit potential for speculators.

Depreciation Discourages Flipping

Porsche wants to discourage flipping and ensure loyal owners enjoy the 911 S/T.

Long Term Owners Only

Huge demand and interest stimulated speculation on the collectible models.

911 Sport Classic Demand

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