Porsche Crafts Two Bespoke 'Sonderwunsch' Cars

Porsche's Sonderwunsch program hand-built two exclusive 1-of-1 versions of the Cayman GT4 RS.

Bespoke Creation

The Sonderwunsch models feature exposed carbon fiber on the hood, roof, doors, and rear wing.

Exposed Carbon  

Subtle gold accents on badges and wheels provide an upscale contrast against the grey and carbon.

Gold Touches 

Inside, gold stitching and seatbelts complement red leather with custom "Sonderwunsch" lettering.

Luxury Cabin

They retain the GT4 RS's brilliant 493 hp 4.0L flat-six for ripping track times.

RS Power  

Numbered badging denotes their special status among 1 of just 1,000 Cayman GT4 RS models.

Special Models

Only Porsche's ultra-exclusive Sonderwunsch program could create such unique supercars.

Porsche Exclusivity 

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