Popular Black and White Cat Breeds and Mixes

This ancient breed from Turkey often has the black and white bicolor pattern. They love water!

Turkish Van

Mixed breed domestic cats with black and white markings are called "tuxedo cats" for their formal appearance.

Tuxedo Cat 

Calico cats have black, white and orange coats. Some have mostly black and white with just small orange patches.

Calico Mix

This is a nickname for a black and white cat with primarily black fur and minimal white markings.

Magpie Cat

Cow cats" have a white body with large black splotches, resembling a dairy cow's pattern.

Cow Cat

Turkish Vans and other breeds like the Van cat can have black bodies with white paws, face and tail.

Van Pattern

No matter their exact breed mix, black and white cats tend to be lively, affectionate and outgoing.


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