Popular Bengal Cat Breeds and Their Unique Traits

The classic brown tabby Bengal has distinctive spotted or marbled brown coats. This is the original Bengal breed. Energetic and affectionate.

Brown Tabby Bengal

Snow Bengals have white fur and grey, blue, or silver spots. Bred from Siamese cats. Vocal, active, and love playing.

Snow Bengal

Marbled Bengals have unique swirled patterns in browns, greys, and tans. More docile than other Bengals.

Marbled Bengal

Silver Bengals have grey, silver, or white coats with black or grey spots. Shy but very loyal and attached to owners. 

Silver Bengal

Seal Lynx Point Bengals have beige coats with darker brown tabby markings. Playful, intelligent, and love climbing.

Seal Lynx Point

The black melanistic Bengal has black coats and spots. Striking appearance. Energetic and needs lots of interaction.

Melanistic Bengal

Toyger Bengals have striped coats that resemble tiny tigers. Curious, friendly cats that enjoy playtime.

Toyger Bengal

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