Natural Ways To Reduce Shedding For Dogs

Feed your dog a high-quality diet rich in omega fatty acids to improve skin and minimize shedding.

Quality Diet

Fish oil supplements support skin and coat health while reducing shedding through omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish Oil 

Regular brushing removes loose hair and distributes oils to control shedding. Use a de-shedding tool.


Bathe your dog regularly with an anti-shed shampoo containing natural oils that reduce shedding.


Applying aloe vera gel helps soothe skin irritation and minimizes shedding by supporting a healthy coat.

Aloe Vera

Apple cider vinegar balances pH levels and has antifungal properties to reduce skin irritation and shedding.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Feed or apply coconut oil, which moisturizes skin and has healthy fats to reduce dandruff and shedding.

Coconut Oil

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