Motorcycles With the Highest Operating Costs

With premium gas and frequent valve adjustments, this high-strung superbike is costly to operate long-term.

Ducati Panigale V4R

Advanced tech and electronics on this 190 hp motorcycle lead to dealer-only service requirements.  


Loaded with gadgets and touring amenities, maintenance and repairs add up on this luxury touring bike.

Honda Gold Wing 

Big V-Twin Harleys like the Road King need regular belt/tire changes and gulp fuel at low mpg.

Harley Road King

Hefty insurance premiums come with the Rocket 3's excessive power. Premium gas is mandatory.

Triumph Rocket 3

This tech-heavy German touring rig needs frequent dealer service and burns through rear tires.


Italian exotics like the RSV4 come with higher acquisition costs and insurance rates.

Aprilia RSV4

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