Most Weird Zodiac Signs

Known for having two sides, Gemini can be social butterflies one minute and loners the next. Their split personality makes them quite peculiar.

Mercurial Gemini

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum. Their unusual interests and innovative ideas definitely make them weird.

Oddball Aquarius 

Adventurous and risk-taking Sagittarians often defy norms and conventions. They are complete goofballs.

Wacky Sagittarius

Virgos can be obsessive perfectionists. Their neurotic attention to detail and criticism is rather eccentric.

Picky Virgo

Pisces are space cadets drifting through fantasy worlds. Their airy-fairy mystical nature is downright kooky.

Dreamy Pisces

Virgos can get lost in details, becoming hyper-focused on perfectionism. They seem fussy to others.


Scorpios are intense and secretive, even paranoid at times. Their obsessive nature is off-putting.


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