Most Popular Dogs With Brindle Coats  

French Bulldogs often have brindle coats in mixtures of black, brown, white and fawn stripes. This breed is playful and affectionate.

French Bulldog

The official state dog of North Carolina, Plotts frequently have a brindle coat pattern in brown, black or yellowish shades.

Plott Hound

An active herding breed, Cardigan Welsh Corgis commonly have red, sable, brindle, or black coats with white markings. 

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Large, muscular Cane Corsos used for Italian farm work often came in brindle coats. They need experienced owners.

Cane Corso

Retired racing Greyhounds are couch potatoes that make great pets. Brindle coats blend beautifully with their lean build.


Friendly Boston Terrier coats can be brindle with black, brown and white markings. They make great apartment dogs.

Boston Terrier

Athletic Boxer dogs commonly have fawn or brindle coats with white markings. They're playful and energetic.


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