Most Popular Cat Breeds for New Pet Parents

Known for their vocal nature and affectionate personalities, Siamese cats make very loyal and engaging pets. 


With their beautiful long coats and sweet dispositions, Persian cats are highly sought-after despite their grooming needs.


Adored for their loving personalities, intelligence, and large size, Maine Coon cats make wonderful family pets.

Maine Coon

Docile, gentle, and happy to lounge in laps, Ragdoll cats are exceptionally kid and family-friendly pets.


The plush British Shorthair with its round face and calm personality is a popular pedigreed breed.

British Shorthair

Bengal cats win fans over with their leopard-like coats and energetic but affectionate personalities.


Intelligent, energetic Abyssinians make interactive cats loved for their playful and loyal personalities.


Cat Breeds With Striking Black and White Coats