Most Popular British Cat Breeds

Known for being easygoing lap cats, British Shorthairs have a dense plush coat that comes in many colors. 

British Shorthair

Scottish Folds charm with their folded ears and rounded faces. Their sweet nature makes them devoted companions.

Scottish Fold

Lean and active Cornish Rex have a short, plush coat that feels like velvet. They thrive on human interaction.

Cornish Rex

Intelligent Devons form strong bonds with their families. They have a short curly coat reminiscent of lamb’s wool.

Devon Rex 

Orientals are extroverted, playful cats with satiny coats. They come in many striking colors and patterns.

Oriental Shorthair

Petite brown Singapuras are energetic yet gentle. They love playing games with their families.


Similar to British Shorthairs but with long fur, British Longhairs are low maintenance companions.

British Longhair

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