Most Dangerous Cat Breeds

Bengals are very energetic and can be destructive if bored. Supervision is a must with proper toys and activities.


Siamese cats bond strongly with one person. Without socialization, they may become possessive and aggressive toward others.


Scottish Folds can be hostile to other pets without early socialization. Their aggression comes from fear and lack of handling.

Scottish Fold

Abyssinians have strong prey drives. They don't respond well to rough handling and will defend themselves if needed.


One of the largest breeds, Maine Coons can seriously injure humans and pets if not trained properly from kittenhood.

Maine Coon

Turkish Angoras are possessive of their families and territory. Strangers may encounter aggression from this devoted but willful breed.

Turkish Angora

Egyptian Maus have strong hunting instincts. With inadequate outlets, their aggression surfaces through biting and scratching.

Egyptian Mau

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