Most Cuddly and Affectionate Dog Breeds

Known as true "lapdogs," Cavaliers love snuggling in their owners' laps and being close to their people.

Cavalier KCS   

Exuberant Goldens will never say no to petting sessions, earned them a reputation as outstanding cuddle buddies.

Golden Retriever  

Affectionate Labs bond strongly with their families and relish every opportunity for pets, hugs, and being spoiled.

Labrador Retriever

Havanese thrive on human contact and will happily sit in your lap for endless cuddling.


Fluffy white Samoyeds often lean into you to soak up as much petting and stroking as possible.


Cheerful Bichons love climbing into laps where they curl into comfy, huggable balls of fluff.

Bichon Frise

Charming pugs eagerly accept any chance to be pampered, held, and coddled by their adoring owners.


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