Most Beautiful Dog Breeds with Stunning Coats 

With their tight curly or corded coat, poodles need professional grooming to keep their fur looking picture perfect. 


The Afghan hound's long, silky hair requires daily grooming to keep tangle-free and flowing.

Afghan Hound

This breed's straight, glossy, floor-length coat demands diligent daily brushing and washing.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Komondor has a unique corded coat that resembles dreadlocks and needs hand-separation to avoid matting.


The Maltese sports a silky white coat that requires frequent brushing and trimming around the face and feet.


With abundant feathery fur, the Rough Collie's luxurious coat requires weekly brushing.

Rough Collie

A fluffy powder puff, the Bichon's white hypoallergenic coat needs frequent bathing and brushing.

Bichon Frise

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