Most Athletic Dogs

This highly driven herding breed has unlimited endurance and stamina ideal for all-day play, workouts, and activities.

Border Collie

Aussies thrive on constant activity and demanding tasks engaging their intelligence, agility, obedience and robust health.

Australian Shepherd 

Bred to be working police and military dogs, the Belgian Malinois possesses incredible athleticism, focus, and drive.  

Belgian Malinois

Hardy sled dogs like Huskies need intense daily exercise and thrive on endurance activities like jogging and hiking.

Siberian Husky

The high-energy, rugged ACD adapts easily to any dog sport and needs daily workouts to prevent problem behaviors.

Australian Cattle Dog  

This versatile sporting breed excels at fieldwork, obedience, dock diving, agility, and other vigorous athletic endeavors. 


Bred for stamina in the field, this rugged hunter has an athletic build allowing for long days of activity and exercise.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Best Beach Dogs