Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Prone To Attack

While friendly if trained properly, Pit Bulls have strong prey drives and can attack with little provocation.

Pit Bull

Rottweilers can become aggressive due to their protective natures and tendency to bond closely with their owners.


Loyal but also dominant, German Shepherds may demonstrate aggression and attack strangers or other animals.

German Shepherd

Dobermans are intelligent but also energetic, fearless, and ready to defend, making them more prone to aggression.

Doberman Pinscher

Chow Chows tend to be stubborn, possessive, and distrustful of strangers, increasing the likelihood of aggressive behavior.

Chow Chow

With high prey drives and a history of hunting, Siberian Huskies may attack smaller animals or even people.

Siberian Husky

Boxers are energetic, dominant, and territorial, which may result in aggressive biting when threatened.


Most Protective Dog Breeds