Most Aggressive Cat Breeds

Known for their bold personalities, Siamese cats can be quite aggressive and territorial. They tend to bond strongly with one person.


Bengals are very active and require a lot of stimulation. Without proper training, they can be destructive and aggressive.


As one of the largest domesticated breeds, Maine Coons can be quite willful and aggressive if not properly trained. 

Maine Coon

Abyssinians are intelligent but strong-willed. They don't tolerate mishandling and can become aggressive.


While typically good-natured, Scottish Folds can become hostile toward other cats and pets if not socialized early on.

Scottish Fold

Though affectionate with their families, Turkish Angoras tend to be timid around strangers and highly possessive of their territory.  

Turkish Angora

Egyptian Maus form strong bonds but don't warm up to strangers easily. They can be quite territorial and don't tolerate mishandling.

Egyptian Mau

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