Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

 Known for going limp when picked up, Ragdolls love to snuggle in laps and give head butts.


With their sweet, docile natures, Persians love being petted and will often sleep right next to their owners.


One of the gentler cat breeds, Maine Coons will follow their owners around and sleep on top of them at night. 

Maine Coon

Vocal and energetic, Siamese cats form strong bonds with their families. They'll curl up on laps and sleep under the covers.


Lacking fur, Sphynx cats love snuggling up to warm bodies. They'll sit on shoulders and nuzzle their humans frequently.


 Affectionate and easygoing, Ragamuffins love being held and carried around. They enjoy lounging on laps and cuddling their owners.


Though independent, Norwegian Forest Cats bond closely with their families. They'll head bump to get attention 

Norwegian Forest Cat

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