Mahindra RM1S Electric Motorcycle Details

The RM1S has a rounded retro style with modern touches like LED lighting and digital display. Available in striking red or white.

Retro-Future Styling

Mahindra estimates a range around 100 miles from the 8.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. Enough for most daily commuting.

Est. 100 Mile Range  

Exact power figures are unconfirmed but expected to be around 10 hp. Enough acceleration for urban riding.

Around 10 hp Power Output

The RM1S will charge on standard Level 1 and faster Level 2 EV stations. Full charge time unannounced.  

Level 1 & 2 Charging

Mahindra is targeting an affordable sub-$10,000 price point. Significantly undercutting competitors.

Under $10,000 Price

Mahindra aims to launch the production RM1S in early 2023. US availability may follow later in the year.

Early 2023 Release Date  

Modern features include keyless start, LED headlight and taillights, digital display, and smartphone connectivity.  

Keyless Start

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