Lamborghini's Futuristic Lanzador Concept Supercar

The Lanzador features a bold, futuristic exterior design with sharp lines, aggressive styling, and active aerodynamics.

Lanzador Exterior

A high-output hybrid V12 engine produces over 800 horsepower, combining electric torque with a high-revving gas V12.

Powerful Hybrid V12

The interior cockpit features advanced technologies like holographic displays, touchscreens, and connectivity.

Cockpit Interior  

Active aerodynamics like a rear wing, diffuser, and front splitter adjust in real-time for optimal downforce and efficiency. 

Active Aero System

Extensive use of carbon fiber, aluminum and other exotic materials reduce weight while providing extreme rigidity.

Advanced Materials  

Movable flaps and spoilers enhance aerodynamics and handling at high speeds.

Active Aero System

The Lanzador is built for the track with a focus on power, grip, and downforce for exhilarating speed.

Track-Ready Performance

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