Kia EV9 New Electric 3-Row SUV Coming in 2024

The EV9 will have 3 rows of seats and room for up to 7 passengers.

Spacious Interior

A high-capacity battery pack will deliver an estimated 300+ miles per charge.

300+ Mile Range

The EV9 will offer advanced self-driving and driver assist technologies.

Autonomous Driving  

800V fast charging will enable ultra-quick charging times.

Fast Charging

Kia confirms the EV9 will go on sale globally in 2024.

On Sale 2024

Pricing is expected to start around $50,000, making the EV9 attainable for more buyers.  

Affordable Price

The EV9 will spearhead Kia's plans to launch new electric models annually through 2030.

Electric Future

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