Is Kissing Pets Safe

Pets' mouths contain bacteria that can cause illness in humans, especially vulnerable people with weakened immune systems.

Bacteria Risk 

Intestinal parasites like giardia, coccidia, hookworms and roundworms can be passed from pets to people through saliva.

Parasite Exposure

Pets with dental disease or wounds in their mouth pose greater risk of transmitting bacteria through lip contact.

Oral Health  

People allergic to pets will likely react with irritated lips, runny nose or rashes after direct contact with animal saliva.


Though rare, contact with the saliva of a rabid animal can potentially transmit this deadly virus to humans.

Rabies Concerns

Allowing pets to lick your face promotes contact with fecal matter if they ingest feces or litterbox contents.

Hygiene Habits

People with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to zoonotic diseases from pets, especially through direct saliva contact.

Immunocompromised Risk

Most Obedient Dogs