Introducing Baby to Dog

Some breeds like retrievers tend to be more tolerant of babies than terriers who can be more high strung.

Research Breed Tendencies

Let your dog smell baby items like blankets before bringing baby home. Take it slow and don't force interactions.

Acclimate Slowly  

Refresh your dog's obedience training and work on commands like "leave it." Practice these with baby items.

Reinforce Training

Dogs should have access to quiet zones away from baby. Baby gates can allow separation when needed.

Set Up Safe Zones

When introducing dog and baby, keep dog leashed and supervised. Correct negative behavior immediately.

Supervise Closely

Make sure dog still gets 1-on-1 time and attention. Walks, play time, cuddles. Don't ignore them.

Give Dog Attention 

Never leave baby unattended with dog. Install gates and crates to keep baby safe when you can't supervise. 

Keep Baby Protected

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