How to Treat Obesity in Your Labrador Retriever

Carefully measure your Lab's daily food and treat intake to reduce excess calories. Feed smaller meal portions.  

Portion Control

Feed your Labrador at consistent times rather than free-feeding. This structures mealtimes and prevents overeating.

Scheduled Feedings 

Make sure your Lab gets adequate daily exercise to burn calories and lose weight. Walks, play time, and swimming help. 

Increase Exercise

Consult your vet on the best obesity-fighting dog food for weight loss. They may recommend a special diet.

Weight Management

Have your vet examine your overweight Lab for any underlying conditions. Follow their advice on diet and exercise. 

Vet Check-Ups

Use toys and affection, not high-calorie treats, to reward good behavior during training.

Reward with Toys

Weigh your Labrador weekly to monitor their weight loss progress. Adjust food and exercise as needed.

Monitor Progress

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