How To Stop Dog Digging

Reward calm behavior. Use “leave it” and “go to your bed” commands. Distract with toys to teach not to dig inappropriately. 

Positive Reinforcement 

Giving high energy dogs productive outlets like play, training, walks prevents boredom digging. 


Provide an acceptable digging spot with loose soil or sand to satisfy natural instincts. Bury treats to entice digging there.

Designated Digging Area 

Use humane deterrents like scattering citrus peels, placing large rocks, spray deterrents, or fencing problem areas.

Discouragement Tools

Rotate novel toys to prevent boredom. Use puzzles and food toys for mental stimulation while you’re away. 

Add Enrichment

If digging relates to stress, lack of exercise, or seeking comfort, address those specific underlying issues. 

Address Causes

Steadily reinforcing good behavior and humanely discouraging bad habits will curb excessive digging.

Be Patient and Consistent 

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