How Long Do Dogs Live

The average lifespan for dogs is 10-13 years. However, breed, size and health greatly impact length of life. 

Average Lifespan 

Small dogs tend to live longer, averaging 10-15 years. Large dogs average 7-10 years. Giant breeds 5-8 years.

Size Matters 

Long-living breeds like Chihuahuas average 15-20 years. Shorter-lived breeds like Bernese Mountain Dogs average 6-8 years.

Breed Differences

Dogs who maintain a lean weight, exercise, eat quality food and receive vet care tend to live longer, healthier lives. 

Health is Key 

Neutered dogs statistically live 18% longer than intact dogs. Spayed females gain longevity too.


Pollution, pesticides and poor nutrition negatively impact lifespan. A safe, enriching home promotes longevity.

Environmental Factors

Use age calculator tools to get an estimate of your dog's equivalent human age based on breed and size. 

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