How Fast Charging Stations Power Up Electric Vehicles

Fast charging uses direct current (DC) instead of slower alternating current (AC) to rapidly recharge EVs. 

DC Fast Charging

Fast charging stations deliver current at 480 volts compared to 240 volts at slower Level 2 stations.

480 Volts 

The power rating at fast charging stations ranges from 90 kW to 350 kW, versus under 20 kW at Level 2.

90 kW to 350 kW

With 50-150 kW fast charging, EVs can recharge to 80% battery level within 30 minutes.

80% in 30 Minutes   

Thick, liquid-cooled cables withstand the high power flow through fast charging stations.

Liquid-Cooled Cables

Fast charging uses DC combo plugs like CCS, CHAdeMO or Tesla's Supercharger plug.

Fast Charge Plugs

EVs precondition batteries with ideal temperature for rapid ions flow during fast charging.

Battery Preconditioning 

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