How Fast Can Different Dog Breeds Run

Built for racing, Greyhounds are the fastest dogs and can reach speeds over 45 miles per hour at full gallop.

Greyhounds - 45 mph

Sighthounds like Salukis are agile runners originally bred to hunt by speed and sight over long distances. 

Salukis - 42 mph

The elegant, independent Afghan Hound can run up to 40 mph thanks to its athletic slender build and long legs.

Afghan Hounds - 40 mph

Energetic hunting dogs like Vizslas can sustain speeds around 40 mph when running at full tilt.

Vizslas - 40 mph

Don't let their short legs fool you - Jack Russell Terriers can clock speeds over 35 mph while chasing prey.

Jack Russell Terriers - 38 mph

Dalmatians have great stamina and can run long distances at 37 mph, making them excellent jogging companions.

Dalmatians - 37 mph

Whippets are true athletes, running up to 34 mph when racing thanks to their lean muscles and deep chests.

Whippets - 34 mph

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