How Cold Is Too Cold for Cats

Breed, coat length, body condition, age, health issues and acclimation to cold climates.


Between 55-75°F is optimal, but healthy cats can typically tolerate 32-90°F.

Ideal Temperature 

Wind draws away body heat quickly. Limit time outdoors in very windy cold weather.

Wind Chill Warning  

Under 32°F for long periods is too cold. Kittens, elderly and sick cats cannot tolerate cold as well.

When It's Too Cold

Shivering, weakness, lethargy, uncoordinated movements. Seek warmth and veterinary care immediately.

Signs of Hypothermia  

Ears, tail, paws, nose and genitals are vulnerable to frostbite in freezing temperatures.

Frostbite Risks

Heated cat beds, sweaters, food/water bowl warmers, shelter access and lithium battery heated mats.

Keeping Cats Warm

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