Giant Dog Breeds for Families 

The sweet, gentle Great Dane is great with kids and moderately active families. These giants think they're lap dogs!

Great Danes

Though massive in size, Mastiffs are calm, loyal, and low-energy. Their size makes them excellent watchdogs.


Friendly and patient, the drooly Saint Bernard is highly trainable and does great with children. They make wonderful family pets.

Saint Bernards

Known as "gentle giants," Newfoundland dogs are affectionate, patient, and eager to please, though oversight is needed with small kids.


Majestic and calm, the Great Pyrenees bonds closely with their family while serving as a vigilant, protective watchdog.

Great Pyrenees

This striking, tri-colored giant breed is calm and affectionate, though their large size means lots of exercise is a must.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Despite their imposing size, Irish Wolfhounds are docile, patient, and loyal. But their great size means they require abundant space.

Irish Wolfhounds

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