Get to Know the Smart, Sassy Toy Poodle 

Toy poodles were bred down from larger poodles to be a companion dog. Their cute look and trainability made them popular pets.


With their curly hypoallergenic coat clipped in unique styles, toy poodles are eye-catching dogs weighing under 10 pounds. 


The poodle is known as the smartest and most trainable breed. Toy poodles excel at learning tricks, sports and activities.


Lively, energetic and affectionate, toy poodles form strong bonds and want to be with their owners.


Toy poodles need regular brushing, clipping and grooming to maintain their coat. Professional grooming is ideal.


Prone to luxating patellas, dental issues and eye conditions. Routine vet care helps keep toy poodles healthy.


Toy poodles are adaptable and get along well with children and other pets when socialized young.

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