Flirting Moves Men Don't Like That Much

Women often twirl their hair while flirting, but men say it's awkward when overdone. Subtlety is key.

Hair Touching  

Some women force fake laughs at men's jokes. Most men can tell and find this off-putting.


Playful teasing done right can work, but going too far and negging is immature to most men.


Making a man chase you seems attractive in theory, but men prefer clear, honest communication.

Playing Hard to Get

Things like intentionally delaying texts for a certain time period feel manipulative to many men.  

Text Game Playing 

Nonstop texts and demanding constant attention comes across as needy and smothering.

Overly Clingy

Bashing an ex or talking about them excessively makes men uneasy about how you might treat them.

Dissing the Ex

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