Ferrari Unveils First-Ever SUV Purosangue with V12 Engine

Ferrari unveils the 2023 Purosangue, its first-ever SUV featuring a powerful V12 engine.


The Purosangue features Ferrari's iconic elongated hood and sloping roofline. Aggressive styling makes it instantly recognizable.

Iconic Styling  

Under the hood lies a version of Ferrari's 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 engine tuned to produce over 700HP.

Powerful V12

Despite being an SUV, the Purosangue focuses on performance with a rear-wheel drive platform and active suspension system.

Performance Focus

The 4-door Purosangue offers more practicality than other Ferraris but still features exotic materials like leather and Alcantara.

Spacious Interior  

Only a few thousand Purosangues will be built annually. Order books are open but deliveries aren't expected until 2023.

Limited Availability

Base price is estimated around $300,000 USD, making it one of the most expensive SUVs in the world.

Pricing Info

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